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POONGSAN ELECTRIC CO. LTD. (PEC) was established in 1978 in Seoul,
Korea and started manufacturing transformers.
PEC is one of the leading and largest Korean transformer manufacturers.
We have produced more than 300,000 units of transformers for domestic
market since 1978.

In addition, we have also exported more than 15,000 units of transformers
for more than ten countries for the last five years.
PEC strives to keep on superior quality, customer service, and the shortest lead time.
Our goal is to deliver a transformer that meets or exceeds our customer’s requirements.
Because we are very customer-oriented, please do not hesitate ask whatever you need.
PEC manufactures from pole mounted transformers to power transformers up to 80MVA
in ratings and 69kV class in voltages with our proven experience.
We comply with the latest IEC, IEEE/ANSI, NEMA, ISO, and any other international Standards.
We produce transformers as follows:

   1) Extra-Efficient Transformers
   2) Environmental Friendly Transformers
   3) Customized Transformers

PEC supplies transformers for utility, industrial, transit, commercial, alternative energy, and specialty markets worldwide.
We are moving forward into new applications in the renewable energy market such as wind and solar.
With our expansive product range and solid technical strength, we provide the most optimized solution for transformer application.
We do not serve our customer by asking a low price because customer has a right to choose the lowest total owning costs other
than just initial cost(purchasing price).
Our optimized design provides the lowest total owning costs and initial cost (purchasing price) totally based on the customer’s
needs such as budget and specification so that our customer gets the benefit ultimately.

We are flexible and listen to what customer needs are.
Dae Hui Hong
71 Neungan-ro, Danwon-gu Ansan-si Gyeonggi-do South Korea (1123-1, Singil-dong) 425-839
(TEL : 82-31-491-0516 / FAX : 82-31-494-9250 / E-mail : poongsan@pec.co.kr)
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